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The Best of Both Worlds in One Amazing Tour

The Best of Both Worlds….an Amazing Tour of Ireland and Scotland. Scotland and Ireland have more things in common than probably any other countries in the world. The music, the scenery, the history, the language all share a common ground. … Read More

Top 5 Hidden Gems on an Irish Music Tour

Top 5 Hidden Gems on an Irish Music Tour Weather it’s a tour of the North, the Wild Atlantic Way or Ireland’s Ancient East, we here at Irish Music Tours have included a few surprises for our guests that make … Read More

Top 5 Towns on the Wild Atlantic Way

The Wild Atlantic Way costal drive is a 2500 kms journey that’s on a level with Route 66 and the Gold Coast Drive to name a few. But one of the main reasons why it is so popular is the … Read More

Top 5 Pubs on our Wild Atlantic Way Tour

As Irish traditional music is central to all of our tours, it’s no surprise that we spend a good amount of time in pubs because that’s where you’re going to hear good authentic Irish Music. Over the years we’ve played … Read More

What Makes an Irish Music Session so Unique? So what makes an Irish Music Session so unique? Traditional Irish Music is famous throughout the world for it’s energy, uplifting tunes and it’s role in the social aspect of Irish life. It has influenced all genres of music … Read More

Top 5 Things To See in 2023

When planning your Ireland Vacation for 2023 there are many surprises included in our tours and here we take a look at the 5 most popular tour highlights as voted by our customers in 2022. 1.  The Wild Atlantic Way. … Read More

Plan your Ireland Vacation for 2023 with Irish Music Tours

The New year brings new dreams, new plans and new opportunities for the year ahead. Everyone dreams of visiting new places and experiencing new exciting adventures. Irish Music Tourshave all that and more to ensure your Ireland vacation is an … Read More

Top 5 Things to See and Do with Irish Music Tours

Think Ireland, think Irish Music, stunning scenery, Irish Pubs, Craic, good food and amazing people. At Irish Music Tours we’ve got it all covered. Imagine a tour where your guides are musicians, guaranteed Traditional Irish Music every night. We’ve got … Read More

Irish Music Tours and The Wild Atlantic Way

It’s not very often I get lost for words but it happens quite often on our Wild Atlantic Way Tours. The breath-taking beauty of this wonderful 2500 kms costal drive can literally leave you speechless. Stretching from Donegal in the … Read More

Visit Scotland in 2023

Tour of Scotland 2023. Here at Irish Music Tours HQ, we’re always looking for new and exciting destinations to bring our friends to, and this year, we have put together an awesome trip to Scotland for 2023. We asked our … Read More