What Makes an Irish Music Session so Unique?

So what makes an Irish Music Session so unique? Traditional Irish Music is famous throughout the world for it’s energy, uplifting tunes and it’s role in the social aspect of Irish life. It has influenced all genres of music over the years from the 4 corners of the globe and continues to be one of the main things tourists look to experience when on their Ireland vacation. For anyone who has experienced an Irish Music Session at first hand, the shear energy being emitted by the musicians is infectious, causing anyone, unknowingly, to start to tap their feet, hands or anything else that’s close by (normally a pint).

Another unknown to the session virgin is the fact that in most sessions not all the musicians know each other personally and may never have played together before. So how do they know what to play you ask yourself? Again, this is another aspect of Traditional Irish Music that makes it so unique. Irish Music is taught to kids in from an early age weather at school or through a network of classes run by an organisation called Comhaltas Ceoltoiri Eireann, an organisation set up in 1951 who’s aim is to preserve and promote Irish Traditional Music. They have branches set up throughout Ireland and further afield teaching Irish Music to all ages. This is where everyone will learn the core repertoire of turne that enables them to join in with fellow musicians in a session setting.

All of our tours have music at their core, so you are guaranteed to experience the sessions on a nightly basis. Our guides are musicians too so you’ll experience the session intensity up close and personal, an opportunity not afforded by any other tour company.

So plan your trip today with us and experience your very own session at first hand. Check out all our tours here for departure dates, itineraries and prices. Places are limited so secure your seat today.