The Best of Both Worlds in One Amazing Tour

The Best of Both Amazing Tour of Ireland and Scotland.

Scotland and Ireland have more things in common than probably any other countries in the world. The music, the scenery, the history, the language all share a common ground. An Irish Language speaker can have a conversation with a Scotts Gaelic speaker, an Irish musician can play tunes with a Scottish musician, our ancestors share a common story of hardship, rebellion, invasion and starvation, of heros, leaders, executions and martyrs, all at the hands of our neighbours, the English. We also share in our love of whiskey with a belief that one is better than the other (depending on who you ask).

Even down to the very landscape we cannot be separated. Show someone a picture of the Scottish Highlands and a picture of the hills of Donegal and they’ll swear it’s the same place.

Having taken all this into consideration and listen to people’s suggestions, it was a no-brainer to host a tour that covers both countries. Well now is your opportunity to join us on this unique journey. We listened and now we have delivered. Our 10 night tour in September 2024 gives our guests an opportunity to visit both countries, experience the cultures, Irish music and Scottish music, scenery and the people in one trip. This tour is limited to 13 people and this allows us to visit the less accessible places that large group tours can’t get to. This tour runs from the 23rd of September to the 3rd of October 2024 and as places are limited, early booking is advisable to avoid disappointment.

For more information visit 10 Night Tour of Ireland and Scotland