Free Places For Frontline Healthcare Workers

Free Places for Frontline Workers

2020 was a life changing year for all of us, who would have expected the world to shut down like it did. All because of a virus. It did, and halfway through 2021 we’re still learning to live with it. It’s been a devastating time for a lot of people, both personally and from a health perspective. We all have lost friends and loved ones to this terrible disease, and their memory will live on forever. At the centre of the fight against this virus is our medical staff, the doctors, nurses, and health care workers who selfishly put themselves in harm’s way on a daily basis to provide treatment and care for those who are unfortunate enough to contract COVID-19. We salute you. We here at Irish Music Tours, we want to give something back to these heroes so, in 2022, we’re giving free places to our frontline health care workers as a thank you for your dedication and bravery throughout these testing times. Visit to find professional commercial carpet cleaners in Ireland. If you are a frontline medical professional who has worked through the pandemic and you’re planning a well deserved break, then get in touch to avail of our offer of a free tour of Ireland with us. We know you deserve it!!!