Top 10 things to do with Irish Music is Ireland’s leading Traditional Irish Music tour operator, providing a range of tour packages that suit both non-musicians and musicians alike. Below are 10 reasons why you should book an Irish Music Tour today.

1. Instrument Makers. Irish Music Tours are the only Irish based tour operator to incorporate all aspects of Traditional Irish music in our tours. A major focus of our tours are instrument makers. Throughout the island of Ireland are fiddle makers, flute makers, harp makers, banjo makers, pipe makers etc. and these craftsmen are the unsung heroes of traditional Irish music, providing the instruments that are so widely played week in, week out. The tours visit the workshops to get a better understanding of the process involved in producing these wonderful instruments.

2. Nightly Sessions. At the core of all or tours is the Traditional Irish Music Session. Each night on our tours we have a session wherever we stop off and we meet up with some of the local musicians from that area. Our sessions are recorded, mastered and transferred to CD for you as a gift to remind you of your time with us.

3. Traditional Music Venues. Our years of experience playing music around Ireland enables us to visit the authentic traditional music venues so often overlooked by the major tour operators. We pride ourselves in giving our guests the authentic Irish music experience.

4. Straw Craft Ireland. As part of our Great Northern Traditional Music Tour, we pay a visit to Straw Craft Ireland who have been carrying on the old tradition of weaving and sculpting with the medium of straw as was done hundreds of years ago. There is a demonstration and a workshop giving the guest an opportunity to make an item with straw using old techniques which they can keep as a memento of their visit.

5. Musicians Travel on the Tour. Irish Music Tours have a pool of more than 30 of the finest traditional musicians and some of these musicians travel with the guests on each tour to guarantee nightly sessions and craic along the way. This is a great opportunity to get to know the musicians and understand the importance of Irish music on everyday Irish life.

6. Arranmore Island. The jewel in the crown is our visit too Arranmore Island off the coast of Co. Donegal. We spend a night on the Island getting to know it’s often tragic history, meeting the King of Arranmore and taking in it’s breathtaking beauty and scenery. And of course we’ll have a session.

7. Traditional Irish Music Festivals. New to our tour schedule for 2015 is the introduction of tour packages covering some of the major Traditional Music Festivals that take place throughout the year in all parts of Ireland. A chance to experience the sights and sounds whenever musicians come together.


8. The Wild Atlantic Way. Covering 2500kms of Ireland’s western seaboard, The Wild Atlantic Way is the longest coastal drive in the world. Our Wild Atlantic Way Traditional Music Tour takes you on a journey exploring all Ireland’s coastline has to offer while enjoying Ireland’s hidden musical gems in the company of the finest musicians.

9. Eddie Doherty Hand Weaving. Based in the picturesque heritage village of Ardara, Co. Donegal, we visit the workshop of world famous weaver Eddie Doherty and learn more about the history of hand weaving while Eddie gives a demonstration on his hand weaving loom.

10. The Authentic Irish Experience. Irish Music Tours prides itself on providing an authentic Irish experience, enabling the guests to get true insight to Irish life, customs, and traditions while having at it’s core, genuine Traditional Irish Music. See the Sights, Meet the People, Enjoy the Music.

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