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Below, you can learn more about the most common channels and choose the most suitable one for you. Most European countries are close to the Romanian time zone, but the difference in the time zone for the US is around 7 hours . You can discuss your schedule at the beginning and find the developers that prefer working in the evenings. The average base salary for software developers in Romania is about $27,313 per year. Thus, the actual rates can be higher now than what we’ve mentioned below.

Despite the many benefits of outsourcing to Romania, there are some minor drawbacks as well, and businesses must be aware of those. At an intermediate level, developers with 3 to 8 years of experience can earn anywhere between $21,000 to $26,000 per year. Choose from 40+ creative developers, from juniors to seniors, and enjoy benefits of outsourcing in Romania. There is a higher availability of German skills in this location compared to any other city.

Top App Developers In Romania

Romanian may be the official language of Romania, but they promote a multilingual culture. That is why most developers in the country are proficient in the English language.

  • So the actual rates of particular Romanian software development companies or software developers may be more or less than the average figures.
  • Cairo, Egypt’s capital, is one of the top global cities for outsourcing.
  • Outsourcing software basically refers to a program that allows businesses to manage their workflow internally while allowing other companies to perform work on their behalf.
  • However, the hidden costs of offshoring can make it less appealing than nearshoring.

Due to the above reasons and more, outsourcing software development to Romania makes a lot of business sense to Western companies that greatly value quality. It’s crucial to have a clear vision of your product and to work with an outsourcing company that provides additional research and analysis. In this way, you will be able to identify service providers and establish expectations of what you want to achieve. By avoiding hiring an employee, you will save money on everything from employee benefits to employee training. You may be able to select from a small, local talent pool when outsourcing. Outsourcing has proven to be a valuable tool for companies seeking to access talent overseas. Each company has its own reasons for taking this action, with many companies pursuing lower labor costs.

Ultimate Guide To Software Outsourcing Companies: Everything You Need To Know

This aspect is crucial in your collaboration with the software outsourcing partner. For the relationship to work, both you and the partner must be transparent and frank. Thus, it would help if you gave the partner accurate, on-time feedback throughout the project. Furthermore, consider notifying the outsourcing well in advance of any projected up- or down-sizing of the team they allocate to your project. Ignoring this aspect can put unnecessary pressure on the partner and jeopardize the relationship.

Eastern Europe is a hotbed for IT outsourcing among Western European and American businesses. Eastern Europe is a high-growth region with amazing digital infrastructure innovation, and most importantly, talent. Eastern European countries have a lot in common as most of them used to be part of the USSR and share vestiges of that period. However, what connects these countries even stronger is their invincible desire to reach for improvement. Get outsourcing rates in Eastern Europe, Asia, Latin America, Africa as well as tips on how to choose the country for offshore development. 7 Mile Advisors provides Investment Banking & Advisory Services to the Business Services & Technology industries globally.

Tax legislation has provided salary income tax exemption for employees who render IT activities linked to computer software creation. Many European and US companies go foroutsourcing to Eastern Europebecause of the decent price along with the top quality.

An estimate of StackOverflow users resident in one of the three outsourcing destinations. The selection covers the users active in threads related to mobile and web development, QA automation, and other software engineering topics. The app was built for both iOS and Android devices and was built to handle increased complexity and functionality over time. BinarCode collaborated with a design agency to provide web development services for a website launch. The client was impressed with the quality of the coding and the loading speed of the site. Founded in 1997 in Quebec, Canada, Macadamian Technologies has 20+ years experience in full service software development and design.


The Nearshore model provides such benefits as shared time zones, more comparable cultures, and generally, fewer language barriers, resulting in simpler integration with existing teams. By comparison, outsourcing allows companies to source talent from any location, while tapping a broader talent pool in the process.

The first thing to start with when choosing a region for software development is to analyze and compare the average rates for IT services. With most of the companies choosing to outsource software testing solutions, the number of software testing companies in Romania has notably increased.

We use the MoSCoW method to prioritize features and, based on these, the tasks. Ascendro Technologies built a server-side infrastructure to help an electronics manufacturer manage their releases. The client appreciated Ascendro Technologies’ accommodating approach to the partnership. It is becoming increasingly attractive for numerous Eastern European companies. The performance of previous years indicates that the outsourcing of IT services in Poland increased by 22.9% from $1.09 billion in 2010 to $4.62 billion in 2019.

Other potential expenses such as office space and costs of living are lower than you would find in Western European countries and in the U.S. The quality of living, especially in cities like Cluj-Napoca, is excellent in comparison to previously mentioned locations. It’s important to remember the history of Romania and the contributions made to the development of computational systems, many breakthroughs coming from Romania. The mature IT professionals in the sector today were those who have grown up with the learning of computer science. When you add that to the new generation of STEM graduates, you have a combination of an agile approach and tech-savviness. With the third highest Internet speed in the world at 200 megabits per second, Romania has seen demand for its IT outsourcing services grow in recent years.

UK-based software co Amdaris to expand in Romania, Moldova – SeeNews

UK-based software co Amdaris to expand in Romania, Moldova.

Posted: Tue, 19 Oct 2021 07:00:00 GMT [source]

According to Clutch there are over 2500 IT outsourcing companies in Eastern Europe with a tech talent pool of 1,3M developers. And this is no surprise that tech giants like Apple, Google, Microsoft and IBM opened their branches in the region. The COVID pandemic redefined many aspects of life, including the meaning of cultural barriers. Thus, fewer cultural aspects may define your relationship with your nearshore software development partner than before. First, take a close look at the company values and the dedication of its management and developers.

It Outsourcing In Belarus

An AML investigation agency hired Fortech to help develop a prototype cloud-based investigation solution that is scalable and user-friendly. Fortech completed the project, translating a concept into a working prototype. AROBS partnered with an online travel portal to provide architecture, product transformation, and migration to another platform.

The issue of cultural compatibility is important as it affects the creation of a comfortable atmosphere during the work process and the final result of your work. Let’s remember the old adage, “You get what you pay for.” This adage applies perfectly to the issue of IT outsourcing. Select from a collection of pre-defined services that meet your needs. These deal breakers are problems that arise at any point during a project that are clear indicators that the outsourcing relationship should be ended or significantly adjusted. A businesses bottom line can be adversely affected, as a result of staff not focusing on what should be considered core business activities. Already have low-fidelity wireframes or an MVP which could use a little polish in terms of look or usability?

Romania Versus South America

Romania has an outstanding education system that covers information technology and computer science, as well as all STEM subjects. With 49 public and 8 private universities, they produce more than 7,000 IT graduates every year. Constant supply of fresh graduates from their education system means that their talent pool of high-quality software developers will increase with time. Don’t just take our word for it – based on ratings from Hackerrank, Romania achieved a score index of 81.9, putting in 20th place among countries with the most skilled developers. Tech talent of Romania includes thousands of developers skilled in technologies like Java, JavaScript, and Python, to name a few.

U.S. companies spend $60 to $70 billion dollars outsourcing software development each year. Here, we’ll, therefore, look at the fundamental benefits of outsourcing, as opposed to hiring in-house teams of developers. So far, we’ve helped 300+ clients extend their local teams with nearshore software development teams in one of our offices in Ukraine — Kyiv, Kharkiv, Dnipro, and Lviv.

Large numbers of technical universities and advantageous business conditions stimulate the industry’s prosperity. By the end of 2020, Kyiv tech market is expected to have 75K+ software development specialists. At Tiempo Development, we offer high-quality software development outsourcing solutions built on our unique Agile development framework, the Tiempo Quality System . When a business selects to utilize a nearshore software development firm, they work with developers in countries within the same geographic region. There are many development companies in the Eastern European countries of Romania, Bulgaria, Russia, and Armenia.

A staggering $2 trillion valuation was reached by the software maker in June 2021. This landmark coincided with the company’s unveiling of Windows 11, which was its first major upgrade in more than five years. In addition to its stock price appreciation, the company has also strengthened its position through acquisitions and significant growth in cloud computing.

Romanian software company raises EUR 1.2 mln to open offices in the US and Israel –

Romanian software company raises EUR 1.2 mln to open offices in the US and Israel.

Posted: Wed, 29 Sep 2021 07:00:00 GMT [source]

If you insist on doing your development yourself, or with an in-house development team, you run the risk of not having the time to do the things you must to launch or keep your business growing. FintechOS – this open-source, out-of-the-box intelligent business automation platform is used by some of the top finance, tech, and consulting brands in the world.

EU membership since January 1, 2007, thereby making it easier and more secure to work with Romanian software companies. The revenue of the Hungarian tech market is expected to reach $2.8 billion in 2021. The IT exports in the Czech Republic have already reached $1.78 billion. No wonder Czechia is 27th out of 82 countries by the overall tech capacity. 67% of all IT professionals in Ukraine are located in Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Lviv — the largest Ukrainian IT hubs. 37% of developers work in Kyiv region, 15% in Lviv region, 14% in Kharkiv region, and 8% in Dnipropetrovsk region.

Cultural Affinity In Software Outsourcing

Thanks to, you can also look at the average rates of software outsourcing companies from each country’s leader matrix. Appniv is a web and software development agency that has been offering web development, mobile app development, and IT staff augmentation to their clients since 2017. Their 50 employees are based out of Tzoran, Israel and Cluj, Romania. Nordlogic Software is a custom software development company headquartered in Cluj, Napoca.

With all these things in mind, you’ll be able to make the right decision. But in the end, there’s no doubt that Romania has established itself as an excellent location for offshore software development. If you think it’s the right destination for your project, YouTeam can help you find the best developers software outsourcing romania in Romania from among our community of thousands of vetted experts and professionals. Since you’ll be cooperating with the developers remotely, the project’s entire schedule must be pre-planned. Discuss your expected deadline and whether the team can realistically deliver within that time.

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